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Tasmanian Heritage Blue Opal is a delectable creamy brie that combines delicate blue veins to produce a soft buttery texture and a luxurious creamy flavour. The mild blue character has a broad palate appeal and is a perfect blue cheese for beginners who may need to work up to the complex, fully developed flavour of a traditional blue.

Serving Suggestions

Tasmanian Heritage Blue Opal is best served with brown pears, apples or muscatel grapes, walnuts or pecans and a crusty baguette or oaten biscuits.

Wine Matching

This delectable blue is best complemented with a white wine with residual sweetness and good acid, or a beer with aged characteristics, which create a contrast between the salty overtones of the cheese.

  • Port

    Fortified, well aged wines cut right through the butterfat of fuller flavoured cheese. The sweet raisin tones of the wine are strong enough to balance the mould of the cheese, creating a perfect partnership.

  • Gewurztraminer

    Gewurztraminer is a versatile white wine to match with cheese because of its good acidity, compelling flavours and rich, full-bodied spiciness. It complements almost any cheese, but it goes particularly well with full- flavoured cheeses.

  • Wheat Beer

    Wheat beers such as Pilsners have the capacity to stand up to the rich flavours of a washed rind or double brie and create a wonderful tart and tangy pairing.

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