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Tasmanian Heritage Camembert has a wonderfully satisfying smooth, mild and delicate flavour. Its rind has a dense, even white mould covering, with a slight mushroom aroma, revealing a silky yet firm and pale centre.

As with most camembert, Tasmanian Heritage Camembert has a milder flavour than a brie cheese.

Serving Suggestions

Tasmanian Heritage Camembert is best paired with green apples and wafers or crusty bread.

Wine Matching

An aged white wine will temper the acid in this cheese and enhance its creamy texture while the sweetness of a full bodied white with plenty of oak or a full flavoured beer will suit its smooth and rich earthy flavours.

  • Chardonnay

    An aged Chardonnay will temper the acid in these cheeses and enhance its creamy texture while the sweetness of a full bodied Chardonnay with plenty of oak and dry tannins will suit the creaminess of full flavoured soft white cheese.

  • Sparkling Red

    The bubbles from a sparkling red wine tantalise the palate while the smooth and the creamy, buttery tannins and clean acidic finish help enhance the flavours of a rich and intense cheese.

  • Lager

    The sweet citrus notes of a rich Lager works well as it contrasts the creaminess of the cheese making the mouthfeel more palatable and less rich.

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