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Tasmanian Heritage Double Brie is a soft surface ripened cheese with a rind that helps to preserve and breakdown the interior of the cheese to form an exquisite creamy texture and a strong hearty aroma that develops with age. This double brie is made with added cream which produces a mild and delicate nutty taste with a clean finish, offering a creamier and fuller flavour compared to traditional bries.

Serving Suggestions

Tasmanian Heritage Double Brie is best savoured with strawberries, mango, fresh pear, apple, poached quince, toasted fruit bread and wholemeal biscuits or crusty bread.

Wine Matching

This brie works best when paired with a sweeter style white wine or a sweet citrus-flavoured beer which sets off the brie’s creaminess.

  • Sparkling White

    The bubbles in Champagne or Australian sparkling whites help break through the fat in heavier cheeses such as bries made with added cream or intense camemberts. This type of match will also help clear the palate for the next mouthful.

  • Semillon

    Semillon is a full bodied white wine with a crispness that matches well to the creaminess of strong, robust cheeses. They require a complex wine with punch and a fuller bouquet.

  • Wheat Beer

    Wheat beers such as Pilsners have the capacity to stand up to the rich flavours of a washed rind or double brie and create a wonderful tart and tangy pairing.

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