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Tasmanian Heritage Red Square is a sumptuous traditional washed rind cheese with a mild earthy aroma and a lingering creamy taste. Upon maturation, the interior of the slightly sticky and pungent orange rind reveals a glossy custard-like centre which offers a surprisingly mild yet pronounced robust flavour. As with all washed rinds Red Square smells much stronger than it tastes.

Serving Suggestions

Tasmanian Heritage Red Square should be savoured with fresh figs, poached pear, dried or glaced; peach and apricots or pecan nuts accompanied by water crackers or a crusty baguette.

Wine Matching

The taste of this traditional washed rind is complimented by a cool climate earthy red which has a similar flavour profile. Alternatively wheat beers will hold the washed rind’s flavour and create a tart and tangy pairing.

  • Pinot Noir

    The full body and spicy fruitiness of a Pinot Noir stands up to robust cheeses such as a washed rind and mature semi-firm cheeses because the cheese does not dominate the wine.

  • Port

    Fortified, well aged wines cut right through the butterfat of fuller flavoured cheese. The sweet raisin tones of the wine are strong enough to balance the mould of the cheese, creating a perfect partnership.

  • Wheat Beer

    Wheat beers such as Pilsners have the capacity to stand up to the rich flavours of a washed rind or double brie and create a wonderful tart and tangy pairing.

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